Elence 2001 | For Slow Hair Growth | Award-winning Japanese Hair Care – Jacobus Trading Ltd


Having problems with slow hair growth and need long hair fast?  Do you need to maintain healthy hair and scalp to minimize daily hair loss?  Elence 2001 can help you achieve the hair that you have always dreamed of: longer, silkier, and stronger. 

A unique twin layered nourishing scalp shampoo that helps your hair regain its strength to its natural abilities. Our fast-absorbing formula is like no other, it contains 30 herbal extracts and oils to help your hair look longer and feel stronger in the shortest time possible. We believe caring starts from the root to the tip, allowing nutrients to become fully absorbed into the scalp and into each strand of hair to prevent further breakage.Our products are best used with Elence 2001 twin scalp hair pack treatment and Elence 2001 leave-on scalp essence to truly experience full effects.  If you have any problems with hair growth, hair loss, and unhealthy hair and scalp, we are here to help you find your perfect haircare regime.  See results in just 2 short weeks! Most people see double their original growth length every month when full set is used.  Best of all, we are 100% made in Japan. You love, we care!