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About us

Marna Cosmetics Co. Ltd started in 1939 and was responsible for manufacturing, marketing, and international trade of cosmetics, bath and toiletry products, and other related products. In the year of 1992, Elence 2001 was created in Tokyo, Japan after 2001 attempts to create the perfect concoction. Marna headquarters is ISO 9001 certified in 2003.

Elence 2001 is a leading hair care company based in Tokyo, Japan. Our main objective is allowing people to have healthy and longer looking hair in a minimal amount of time. Our products are safe, gentle, and a natural system of healing that works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and back to an healthy state that they once had. We create longer looking hair for people who have problems with hair growth and hair loss.  Our products are made with the finest ingredients, which include 30 herbal extracts in our fast lengthening hair products, such as panax ginseng, swertia japonica, and rosemary extract. It is effective and safe for everyday use; similar to a daily shampoo and conditioner. We focus in providing nutrients to the scalp because we believe that having healthy scalp will increase the look of long and healthy hair. Once your scalp is healthy, hair will grow faster naturally, and the feeling of hair loss will be reduced. Our products include scalp shampoos, scalp conditioners, scalp treatment conditioners, scalp essences, and treatments for hair. We provide people with luxury hair products at a reasonable price.

Many of our cliental in Japan and other parts of Asia, such as Hong Kong and Korea are, in fact, women who wish to restore their scalp back to their healthy state, in turn letting their hair grow naturally and looking longer and healthier in a minimal amount of time. This will happen naturally as long as the scalp is healthy. Elence 2001 hair products have received many awards in Asia, one we would like to mention, which was awarded recently from Monde Selection (International Quality institute Since 1961) from Sweden. It was a great honour to receive such a prestigious award.